Jealousy is like a slow suicide but I just can't help being insecure.



She married him to be with his brother
She could not imagine herself with another
When she’s with her husband 
It is his brother that she sees
And whenever he was present 
She would get weak in her knees

Though it may be taboo
She wanted her dream to come true
She would fantasize about a screw 
Which was only attainable by a few 

Then the moment finally came 
When her husband wasn’t there
And without any shame 
She seduced his brother Pierre

It would seem that his frere
Himself lacked some tact
So her fictional affair 
Quickly became a fact

This went on for some time 
About five years or so 
And if cheating was a crime 
These two sure didn’t know 

One day her husband decided 
To give her a surprise
He wished to be united
Much more sooner with his bride

He made it to his home 
Only to find a surprise of his own 
He heard a scream and moan 
In a most pleasurable tone 

As he reached up the stairs 
He got the shock of his life 
There stood his brother Pierre 
Making love to his wife 

Her husband was so hurt 
That he fell to the floor 
And with a sudden jerk 
Her husband…was no more

They both just watched him die 
Without any remorse
And resumed to get high 
Off their dose of intercourse